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queensland state branch (QDA)

Providing strong and vibrant advocacy for the growing craft distilling industry in Queensland.



Queensland Distillers Association (QDA) is the state body that supports and advocates for the specific needs of craft distillers in Queensland. The committee is involved in extensive lobbying with state government bodies around issues and challenges that are unique to Queensland distillers – it is your local voice to improve the operating environment of craft distillers in Queensland.

With the support of its members, Queensland Distillers Association works tirelessly to ensure that Queensland spirits are marketed as being world-class, and we will continue to sit around the table of Queensland government forums and industry groups to advocate for better funding and regulations.

At the same time, with representation on the Australian Distillers committee, QDA will continue to align with the national association to raise issues impacting distillers Australia-wide, including advocacy to the federal government on issues such as fairer taxation for craft distillers, and national recognition of craft distilling as a powerful economic and export driver.

Among the work that QDA is undertaking on behalf of its members is:

      • Submission on the proposed extension to the container refund scheme in Queensland
      • Introduction of Queensland-specific distilling traineeships through TAFE Queensland
      • Proposing amendments to the Queensland artisan producers licence
      • Advocating for Queensland Government support funding for the Queensland craft distilling sector
      • Representation on the OLGR industry reference group
      • Introduction of a QDA professional development calendar to better support members
      • Hosting a QDA state conference, specifically for Queensland distillers
      • Queensland advocacy to the Australian Distillers committee
      • Holding face-to-face and online networking events, including an annual Christmas event
      • Promotion of the Queensland craft spirits as being world-class
      • Development of a Queensland Distillery Trail

Why join?

We can only be a stronger and louder voice for our industry if we unite!

With one annual fee, you can become a member of both Australian Distillers and Queensland Distillers Association, and get the most effective and dynamic representation for your industry.

This combined membership gives you access to:

      • Advocacy and lobbying opportunities on national and state issues
      • Professional development opportunities
      • Industry-specific events, both nationally and within Queensland
      • Access to support and guidance from other members
      • Best-practice information, including a safety toolkit
      • Latest news on the craft distilling industry in Australia and Queensland
      • The opportunity to be further involved in your industry

If you are not yet a member of Australian Distillers or Queensland Distillers Association, contact us via email or simply click join today below and follow the online prompts.  For more information on membership, contact our QDA membership officer.

Note: Membership of Australian Distillers is required to be a member of QDA.



Download the essential guide to Distillery Safety here in Member Resources.

(please note you will need to be logged in as a member to access this resource).


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