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Australian Distillers Association (ADA) Code of Conduct

All members and associate members of the Association, including all staff employed by members and associate members are expected to abide by the ADA Code of Conduct as it applies to their businesses. The Executive acknowledges that some parts of the Code may not apply to associate members who, for example, are not engaged in spirit production.

It is intended that the Code will provide guidance to members on accepted standards and practices and ensure these are maintained across the industry. It is recognised however, that there are times when a member may not have been following best practice and the Executive has been made aware of this. This may have occurred inadvertently. Such issues do need to be followed up and the Executive has adopted the following three-step process to ensure the Code is followed:

  1. A phone call from a member of the Executive to discuss the issue including whether a breach has actually occurred and adopting a positive approach to provide support to address it.
    Then if there is a breach and it is not corrected;
  2. A letter from the ADA Executive indicating the member is in breach of the Code with details of the breach.
    Then if it is still not corrected;
  3. A further letter stating that they are in breach of the Code and detailing what further action will result. Depending on the breach this may include termination of membership.

We wish to assure all members however, that the main purpose of the Code is to provide guidance and to reflect the high standards followed by members. The Executive holds the strong view that moving past Step one above should only occur when a problem continues despite support being provided by the Association to address it.

Holly Klintworth, ADA President
David Vitale, ADA Vice President

ADA Code

Members of the ADA comply with current legislation regarding the definition of spirits in Australia, ATO excise requirements and all Federal, State and local laws and by-laws including licencing laws and the provision of a safe and healthy workplace. Members are committed to truth in labelling, advertising and other communications, to the responsible service of alcohol and to quality control of their products.

With regard to the Code of Conduct applicable laws and codes currently include the following: 

      • Excise Act 1901 (
      • Customs Act 1901 (
      • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.7.5 – Spirits (
      • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 1.4.1 - Contaminants and Natural Toxicants (
      • Stock Control and ATO Access – Excisable Alcohol (
      • Alcohol Beverages Marketing Code (ABAC) 
      • Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Best Practice Guides (ABAC) 
      • Plus all State-based liquor licencing laws 
      • Plus all National State-based Health and Safety Laws, including: 
          • Dangerous Goods Laws 
          • Hazardous Areas Laws 

The ADA recognises that other laws and regulations may also apply and it is the responsibility of all members to ensure they are compliant with all laws and regulations as they apply to their business. 

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