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Why Join the NSW | ACT Distillers Association?

Why Join the NSW|ACT Distillers Association?

NSW | ACT Distillers shall create and harness a united voice of NSW & ACT Distillers and seek benefits for the industry. Through cooperative work we shall amplify our voice to lobby all levels of government, lobby non-government beneficial associates and work to deliver successful advancement for the industry.

In embarking upon these tasks, NSW | ACT Distillers aims to pursue increased benefits for:

    1. Promoting NSW | ACT Distillers: NSW | ACT Distillers aims to increase the value of the visitor economy by promoting local artisan distillers and their products to both the local community and visitors from interstate and international locations. Conducting lobbying for state and territory government support and funding NSW | ACT Distillers has the intention to raise awareness, create more opportunities and growth for the distillers in the region, thereby directly impacting positively on the visitor economy.
    2. Protecting the NSW | ACT Distillers: To ensure the preservation and protection of our unique craft and production methods. NSW | ACT Distillers recognises the significance of safeguarding the traditional and innovative techniques employed by local distillers, as well as the integrity and authenticity of their products.
    3. Lobbying for Excise Reform: NSW | ACT Distillers will actively work towards sustainable economic growth by lobbying for excise reform specific to the distilling industry, aligned to and with the Australian Distillers Association.
    4. Building a Peer Support Network: One of the goals of NSW | ACT Distillers is to bring together craft distillers in the region and foster a supportive network. This network will facilitate communication, encourage collaboration, and promote local connections among the distillers. By sharing knowledge and experiences, NSW | ACT Distillers can help nurture the skills of its members and strengthen the overall industry for current and future members.
    5. Exporting Premium Quality Products: NSW | ACT Distillers aims to raise awareness of the premium quality products produced by NSW/ACT distillers and seek support for exporting these products into international markets. Direct lobbying for government sway and funding for marketing initiatives, trade missions, grants and collaborating with relevant organisations to expand the reach, growth and export potential of the distillers' products globally.
    6. Sharing Stories and Brand Awareness: NSW | ACT Distillers will serve as a central hub for sharing the stories and experiences of NSW/ACT distillers. By showcasing the diverse range of products and the passion behind their creation, NSW | ACT Distillers can help raise awareness to the intended groups and generate the support for the industry, from time to time this may include participation or running NSW | ACT Distillers branded events or attending events organised by other entities.

NSW | ACT Distillers has an established organisational structure and support from the Australian Distillers Association (ADA). The committee has eight members, led by two Co-Conveners, and a Secretary which shall provide a solid foundation for decision-making and coordination. This structure allows for shared responsibilities and ensures that tasks are effectively managed. We shall work with and utilize the resources of the ADA effectively to promote the distillers and their products, share news and updates, and provide information to both local and international audiences.

With the support of the ADA and the commitment of the committee members, NSW | ACT Distillers is well-positioned to achieve its goals and make a positive impact on the distilling industry in the region. Collaboration, effective communication, and leveraging the available resources shall be the key to our successes.


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Michael Sugg
Executive Officer
0481 177160


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