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NSW | ACT Distillers Association

Providing strong and vibrant advocacy for the growing craft distilling industry in NSW and ACT.



NSW | ACT Distillers aims to provide added value to the NSW|ACT distilling industry by:

    • promoting its members, 
    • lobbying for industry reforms, 
    • engaging and lobbying for state and territory government support, 
    • facilitating peer support, and 
    • seeking opportunities to enhance the distillers' economic growth and market reach. 

Its primary focus is on creating a collective voice and leveraging existing resources and support to benefit the industry as a whole.


NSW | ACT Distillers shall begin by looking to short-term measurable goals, we would like to highlight these:

      1. Achieve Partly Funded Executive Officer: NSW | ACT Distillers aims to secure funding or resources to partially support the appointment of an Executive Officer. This role would be dedicated to coordinating and driving the initiatives of NSW | ACT Distillers, such as organising meetings, managing communication, and implementing strategies to achieve NSW | ACT Distillers’ objectives. By securing funding for an Executive Officer, NSW | ACT Distillers can enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in advocating for the industry.
      2. Achieve Investment Funding from NSW & ACT Governments: NSW | ACT Distillers seeks to successfully secure funding from the governments of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for investments related to cellar door experiences, tourism promotion, and safety enhancements within the distilling industry. This funding would support the development of visitor-friendly experiences, marketing campaigns to attract tourists, and measures to ensure safety and compliance standards are met. By achieving this goal, NSW | ACT Distillers can contribute to the growth of the visitor economy and elevate the profile of NSW/ACT distillers.

These two measurable short-term goals provide clear targets that can be tracked and assessed for progress. They align with NSW | ACT Distillers’ vision and objectives, showcasing a commitment to advancing the industry through strategic initiatives and securing financial support from relevant government bodies.

Why join?

We can only be a stronger and louder voice for our industry if we unite!

With one annual fee, you can become a member of both Australian Distillers and NSW|ACT Distillers Association, and get the most effective and dynamic representation for your industry.

This combined membership gives you access to:

      • Advocacy and lobbying opportunities on national and state issues
      • Professional development opportunities
      • Industry-specific events, both nationally and within NSW|ACT
      • Access to support and guidance from other members
      • Best-practice information, including a safety toolkit
      • Latest news on the craft distilling industry in Australia and NSW|ACT
      • The opportunity to be further involved in your industry

If you are not yet a member of Australian Distillers or NSW|ACT Distillers Association, contact us via email or simply click join today below and follow the online prompts.  For more information on membership, contact our NSW|ACT membership officer.

Note: Membership of Australian Distillers is required to be a member of NSW|ACT .



Download the essential guide to Distillery Safety here in Member Resources.

(please note you will need to be logged in as a member to access this resource).


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