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Why Join the QDA?

Why Join the QDA?

Queensland Distillers Association (QDA) is the official and recognised body for state issues impacting Queensland craft distillers.

The objectives of the QDA are to:

      • to represent and advance the interests of the community of Queensland commercial distillers of consumable alcohol products
      • to provide education to the general public on the distillation of alcoholic products and Queensland commercial distillers
      • to promote and encourage the science of the distillation of alcohol
      • to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol
      • to lobby and work with established government and non-government units with similar goals and philosophies
      • to lobby and work with Australian Distillers, the peak national body
      • to facilitate and host events including an annual showcase of Queensland distilled products to trade customers and the general public

The 2023 focus goals for the QDA are:

      • Jobs and skills
        Including the development of TAFE Certificate II, III and IV in distilling
      • Busting the visitor economy
        Development of distillery tourism experiences including a Queensland Distillery Trail website
      • Industry development
        Build the narrative around Queensland spirit being the best in the world and export-ready.
      • Key infrastructure growth
        Lobby for state & local government distillery tasting room grants to build visitor experiences
      • Export development
        Marketing Queensland spirits to the world

In addition, membership of QDA provides you with:

        • Access to QDA newsletters and other member communications
        • Access to professional development opportunities
        • Access to advocacy representation on state government bodies and industry groups
        • A voice to the state government on issue impacting Queensland distillers 


Contact Us


For QDA advocacy enquiries please email below:



For membership enquiries please contact below:

Michael Sugg
Executive Officer
0481 177160


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