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state organisations

The Branches that are associated with or affiliated with the Australian Distillers.

The Australian Distillers Association is the National Peak body for Craft distillers in Australia. We also have state Associations that coordinate activities at the State level. We encourage you to find out more about the State organisations to understand the additional services they offer you and their local activities. We encourage all Australian Distillers to join their relevant State organisations.

We have also provided some information about our sister organistion in New Zealand.

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We can only be a stronger and louder voice for our industry if we unite!

With one annual fee, you can become a member of both Australian Distillers and NSW|ACT Distillers Association, and get the most effective and dynamic representation for your industry.

NSW | ACT Distillers aims to provide added value to the NSW|ACT distilling industry by:

    • promoting its members, 
    • lobbying for industry reforms, 
    • engaging and lobbying for state and territory government support, 
    • facilitating peer support, and 
    • seeking opportunities to enhance the distillers' economic growth and market reach. 



Queensland Distillers Association (QDA) is the state body that supports and advocates for the specific needs of craft distillers in Queensland. The committee is involved in extensive lobbying with state government bodies around issues and challenges that are unique to Queensland distillers – it is your local voice to improve the operating environment of craft distillers in Queensland.

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The primary objectives of the WA Distillers Guild are to:

  • support WA distillers;
  • hold events to promote the awareness, purchase and consumption of spirits that have been distilled in Western Australia; and
  • lobby on behalf of the industry in WA.

Full membership to the Guild is only available to members that can demonstrate that they produce spirits that are wholly or partially distilled in Western Australia.

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The Tasmanian Whisky and Spirits Association (formerly the Tasmanian Whisky Producers’ Association – TWPA) was formed on the 21st of May 2007. It was (Lark Distillery) founder Bill Lark who in 1992 resurrected the Tasmanian distillery industry after it had been dormant since the early 1800s. In early 2007 Patrick Maguire (Tasmania Distillery) and Bill Lark recognised the need for an industry body to support and promote the strength of the now recognised, Tasmanian whisky brand.

Today they recognise the importance of the growing distilling industry in Tasmania and the increasing success of Tasmanian whiskies, gins, vodka and other spirits nationally and internationally.

The TWSA supports Tasmanian Whisky Week and the Tasmanian Whisky Trail


“Spirits Victoria” aims to cultivate, strengthen and promote our industry and to showcase the magnificent products we produce here in Victoria. As an association “Spirits Victoria” will support and promote the producers and broader liquor industry in Victoria including our supporting sectors. Spirits Victoria has both business membership and individual memberships.



South Australia is known globally for the quality of its food and beverage offerings. The South Australian Spirits industry is quickly emerging as a world leader. The Distillers South Australia (DSA) was formed in 2018 to represent the diverse and growing industry, from the Adelaide CBD, to the hills, wine regions and all across their state.

DSA has produced an industry blueprint and supports a distillery trail



Distilled Spirits Aotearoa (NZ) Inc represents a group of distilled spirits manufacturers and associated groups and individuals, passionate about promoting our New Zealand-made products and representing the joint interests of all NZ makers of distilled spirit products.

The main objectives of the DSA Society are:

  • To protect the integrity, authenticity and brand value of distilled spirit products made in New Zealand
  • To represent the joint interests of all New Zealand makers of distilled spirit products to government, media and consumers
  • To promote New Zealand made distilled spirit products within New Zealand and throughout the world
  • To promote the responsible consumption of distilled spirit products
  • To establish industry standards and criteria where appropriate to promote consistency and quality across the NZ spirits industry
  • To facilitate professional development, education and the exchange of information through cooperation, industry forums, seminars and workshops
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