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Membership Categories

Membership Categories.

Membership of the Australian Distillers Association is open to any person or company whose philosophies are in harmony with the association. There are two types of Corporate Membership. 

You can choose from two categories of membership with the ADA:

Full Membership - is open to Australian commercial Distillers. Full Members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting of Members (1 vote per company) and participate in the Annual conference and other Member based Activities.
(Note, this is a company wide membership for all employees).

To be a Full Member of the Australian Distillers’ Association you must:

        • own Still
        • hold a Manufacturer’s Licence
        • hold an Australian ABN
        • (if applicable) hold a State Licence; and
        • confirm you distil at least 51% of your alcohol from your stills.

If you own a Still and are distilling a distilled product, even if it is not available for sale yet, you are required to join as a Full Member. As a Full Member, irrespective of membership category (Tier 1, 2 or 3), this entitles you to one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting. All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Executive Committee, as stated in the Rules of Association.

Associate Membership - is open to people or companies that participate in the supply chain for commercial manufacturing of distilled spirits. Associate Members are not voting members of the Association. If you are a commercial distiller, irrespective of size, you are not eligible to be an Associate member.
(Note, this is a company wide membership for all employees).

All Members are required to agree to act in the spirit of the Australian Distillers’ Association and comply with the Australian Distillers Association Code of Conduct and Regulations.

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