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Certificate IV in Artisan Fermented Products

FBP40621 - Certificate IV in Artisan Fermented Products (Release 2)

This is a nationally accredited qualification designed in collaboration with the Spirits Victoria Association and Australian Distillers Association. It aims to equip distillers with the theory and practical skills to distil and an in-depth knowledge of the Australian distilling industry standards.


This qualification reflects the role of those using artisanal methods to produce fermented food and/or beverage products specialising in distilled spirits, In this role, makers analyse materials and products, exercising judgement to guide the fermentation process and the work of others.

Individuals with this qualification apply a broad range of specialised skills and knowledge in varied contexts that involve selecting and operating equipment, coordinating resources and finding solutions to routine and non-routine problems as they arise. They may also have limited responsibility for the organisation of others.

Course content:

To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in 22 units of competency:


    • FBPFST4009 Label foods according to legislative requirements
    • FBPFST4013 Interpret and respond to food and/or beverage test results
    • FBPFST4014 Apply sensory analysis in food and/or beverage production
    • FBPFSY5001 Develop a HACCP-based food safety plan
    • FBPTEC4003 Control food contamination and spoilage
    • FBPTEC4006 Apply an understanding of legal requirements of food production
    • FBPTEC4012 Manage raw materials
    • FBPWHS4002 Maintain work health and safety processes
    • MSL973013 Perform basic tests


    • FBPTEC3003 Filter fermented beverages
    • FBPTEC3004 Prepare, fill and store barrels for aging spirits
    • FBPTEC4014 Manage cellar operations
    • FBPTEC4015 Manage and propagate yeast
    • FBPTEC4016 Produce fruit-based wash for distillation
    • FBPTEC4017 Produce grain-based wash for distillation
    • FBPTEC4018 Manage still operations to produce white spirits
    • FBPTEC4019 Manage still operations to produce brown spirits
    • FBPTEC4020 Blend spirits
    • FBPTEC4021 Apply regulatory requirements to the production of alcoholic beverage
    • FBPBPG4001 Manage bottling and packaging processes
    • FBPCEL2009 Carry out transfer operations
    • FBPPPL4003 Schedule and manage production
• Duration: 12-18 month part time online and face to face
• Cost: will be discussed based on eligibility
• Enquire now for enrolment in June 2024

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