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Introduction to Distillery Safety

Introduction to Distillery Safety - Pilot Course

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our pilot program for the highly anticipated "Introduction to Distillery Safety Course".

This initiative, brought to you by the support from Agriculture Victoria and The Spirits Victoria Association, Australian Distillers Association and Valudus Risk Assessment, aims to embed safety standards within the Victorian distillery industry.

This course will be led by the esteemed Sebastian Reaburn. This one-day, in-person course is designed to equip distillery professionals, like yourself, with relevant, industry specific, workplace safety training. The comprehensive curriculum covers essential safety protocols and responsibilities, ensuring participants understand the critical importance of compliance and the potential ramifications of non-adherence.

Course Details:

    • Duration: One-day in-person course
    • Price: Participation in the pilot courses will be covered by the funding available for each distillery for upskilling our distillers.
    • Location: Various VIC locations for the pilot roll out.

Please select the event below to register your interest.

[Please note that these current courses are restricted to Victorian distilleries only.]
Roll out of this course across Australia will happen in 2024.

About the course:

This pilot program presents a unique opportunity to be among the first to experience this course and build a stronger safety culture in the Victorian distillery industry.

Places are limited, so I encourage you to register your interest now to secure your place.

This course is suitable for everyone in the Victorian Distilling industry from new employees to experienced business owners.


This course provides essential safety training for individuals working in a distillery, covering key safety requirements and responsibilities. It emphasises the importance of adhering to safety protocols and highlights the potential consequences of non-compliance.

Learning outcomes include:

    1. Understand entry safety requirements for working in a distillery.
    2. Learn about safety programs and their significance.
    3. Explore the concept of HACCP Plans for ensuring product safety.
    4. Familiarise with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations.
    5. Understand risk assessments.
    6. Identify and mitigate key dangers in a distillery environment.
    7. Introduction to working with dangerous goods.
    8. Learn about working in hazardous areas.
    9. Discover resources for accessing relevant legislation.
    10. Knowing the risks involved in distillation.
    11. How to read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

On completion of the training, you will be independently assessed and receive a certificate of completion and competency (subject to assessment).

To express your interest, click on the relevant course below to reserve your place. If you have any questions, contact us directly.

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