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National Distilling Institute

The Australian Distillers Association and the National Distilling Institute's goal is for distillers in Australia to be the safest, best educated and most innovative in the world by having a practical, vocational approach to education.

The National Distilling Institute, established in 2023, is a nationally recognised training organisation based in Victoria that offers best-in-class accredited and non-accredited vocational training for distillers across Australia. Our site provides training courses from Australia and around the world to support you on your distilling learning journey.


Welcome to the National Distilling Institute, established in 2023 with the support of the Victorian Government through the Victorian Distillery Door program. The National Distilling Institute is dedicated to the learning journey of distillers across Victoria and Australia.

In collaboration with the Spirts Victoria Association and the Australian Distillers Association, we aim to create a one-stop-shop for distillery courses, covering all areas of the distilling industry—from safety and complaints to sensory and business. These courses are delivered in-house and by third-party education companies worldwide to support you on your learning journey.

At the National Distilling Institute, we believe in providing more than just courses; we offer a holistic experience. Our journey begins with the curious novice and extends to the seasoned professional. Our diverse range of courses paints a clear path forward, ensuring that whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned distiller, there's always room for growth, learning, and mastery.

Join us on this spirited adventure as we unlock the secrets of distillation, blending tradition with innovation, and raise a toast to the art and science of crafting exceptional spirits. Here at the National Distilling Institute, we're not just shaping distillers; we're crafting legacies. Cheers to the journey, and here's to the spirit of excellence!

The National Distilling Institute, a trading name of National Food Institute RTO 3821, is a registered training organisation with courses around Australia and the Australian Distillers Association, the peak body for the Australian distilling industry.


Below are links to the current courses offered by the National Distilling Institute. Please click on the links for further information on the courses and how to register.

The current March 24 pilot program is now full.

Look out for details of the next course roll out coming soon. Please click on the link below to place your expression of interest in the course.

[coming soon]

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