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"Single Malt"

26 May 2023 1:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Today, Australian Distillers CEO, President, Vice President, and Chair of the Technical Standards Committee, held a meeting with a member who has been using the term “Single Malt” to describe a product.

The member has agreed to stop using the term “Single Malt” to describe the product.

They will use the term “Malt Spirit”, which is a long held industry standard which is appropriate for product less than two years of age that are 100% malted barley.

The member has agreed to change all future labelling and marketing. They have agreed to re-label existing product in accordance with this agreement.

The Australian Distillers Association maintains that all products that are sold or marketed as Whisky, including use of the term “Single Malt”, as well other dark spirits being Rum and Brandy, must comply with the definitions found in the excise Act that can be summarised as the product must be matured in wood for at least two years, and have the flavour, aroma and characteristics of the product it represents.

Australian Distillers Association will continue to maintain the integrity of the industry and will work with members, the industry, retailers, Government and others to ensure legal definitions and requirements, including those referenced in the Australian distillers Association Code of Conduct, are adhered to.

Holly Klintworth

Cam Syme
Vice President

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