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20 Dec 2022 9:15 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Many of the reforms are for new licence applications and amendments, streamlining processes and transparency and improving the consultation process for community stakeholders. A risk-based approach for licensing decisions will be applied, and there is an identified need to liberalise conditions and flexibility to support a 24-hour economy. The paper seeks views about consolidating the number of licence types, and to extending trading ours in some limited ways. This will more directly impact retailers and hospitality, although it will impact applications for pop-up licences and small distilleries which want to provide tastings. The paper also confirms an intention to continue to allow restaurants, cafes and small bars to sell limited alcohol (including RTDs and house made cocktails) with takeaway meals.

The paper proposes NSW could allow producers to promote and sell their own product at any “event primarily held for the purposes of promoting and selling produce from the hospitality industry or a particular region”. This, for example, would allow you to sell our products at regional or Sunday markets that offer a mix of produce, crafts and artisanal products. Also, while wineries currently have flexibility to operate multiple premises under one licence, the same does not apply for breweries and distilleries. To open more options for them to market and sell their brands in a specific region or locality, the paper proposes all NSW liquor producers could be allowed to run multiple premises provided the sites are in reasonable proximity.

The paper proposes that venues that only sell non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits (under 1.15%) should not need a liquor licence. However, these products could not be promoted to minors, and the paper asked if L&G NSW should investigate complaints around these products being promoted to minors.

The Australian Distillers Association made submission after seeking feedback from members in NSW.

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