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Navigating mental health strategies for your workplace

  • 29 Aug 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Your desk!

Navigating mental health strategies for your workplace - Partner Event

The Australian Distillers Association is proud to support this partner event, hosted by the Black Dog Institute.

There's been a positive shift across workplaces, with more leaders understanding that supporting mental health at work is not just a nice to do, it's essential. However, with so many "wellbeing" initiatives in the market, how do you know what is effective, what will help you meet your legal responsibilities, and how can they positively impact your people and your business?

Presented by the Black Dog Institute, this upcoming webinar Navigating mental health strategies for your workplace discusses:

  • Why mental health training is a necessary investment for your business
  • Our consultative approach to help identify needs and solutions for your workplace
  • Overview of the Institute's range of skill-building programs for leaders and employees

Registration for this partner event is via the link below, which will take you to their registration page.


In this 1-hour free webinar, workplace mental health experts will discuss the value of approaching workplace mental health at an individual, team, and organisation level. Understand why evidence-informed programs matter and learn about the Black Dog Institute's range of training solutions backed by research and delivered by experts.

Whether you're not sure where to get started or looking for guidance on what else you can do in your workplace, this webinar will help you make an informed decision on the next steps to build better mental health at work.

Presented by:

Stephanie Thompson, Workplace Engagement Manager, Black Dog Institute. Steph has been an advisor and thought leader in the workplace mental health sector for over 10 years, currently working at Black Dog Institute in the Workplace Engagement Team where she guides and supports workplaces in creating mentally healthy work environments.

She has experience in strategically designing, implementing and evaluating workplace wellbeing initiatives as well as service delivery in the mental health sector. Steph holds a Bachelor of Social Work and Masters in Human Resource Management.

Dr Simone Shaw, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Facilitator with the Black Dog Institute. Simone has almost two decades of experience working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist in both government and private sectors and has experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating clients with a range of psychological and neurological conditions.

Simone specialises in conducting independent medico-legal assessments, providing executive coaching and mediation services, and has extensive experience conducting independent psychological assessments and workplace factual investigations within the workers’ compensation jurisdiction. Simone has been a National Facilitator for the Black Dog Institute for almost 10 years and is the owner and Director of Sure Psychology based on the Sunshine Coast.

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