The Australian distilling industry is one of the fastest growing and most diverse in the world. A multitude of styles are being made today in all corners of our glorious continent. We encourage you to discover them wherever you might be in the world. We are the Australian Distillers Association, a collection of distillers from the far north of our country to the bottom of Tasmania and stretching from East to West. Our charter is simple; to promote the wares of Australia’s best distillers. To become a full member you need to be able to display integrity, your own a functioning still and a shared passion in crafting great spirits. When you see the ADA logo associated with an Australian distiller you know that this is a credible distillery making product in a sustainable and ethical fashion. And it will probably taste pretty good, too, Our formal charter is as follows: The Australian Distillers Association is the peak industry body for Australian distillers, and was founded in 2004. Our Association aims to:

  • Nurture the union of Australian distillers by promoting industry activities which further strengthen the distillers community
  • Create opportunities to share information through industry forums and workshops
  • Promote the knowledge and science of distillation
  • Support the introduction of an Australian Spirits competition
  • Lobby and work with established government and non-government organisations who share similar goals and philosophies
  • Encourage and invite allied industry and consumer enthusiasts to become involved with ADA activities and events
  • Provide education on Australian distillers and their products
  • Promote the responsible consumption of alcohol

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The ADA receives many enquiries from the public seeking information on how to start their own commercial distillery. Click here for a list of common issues that should be researched prior to developing your business plan or here to download the Application for ADA Membership and ADA Code of Conduct and Regulations to join.